Randall Song

Full Stack Web Developer

Who I Am

Hello! I am a junior web developer with a focus on Ruby On Rails. I am proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In an ever-expanding environment, I am proud of my ability to improvise, adapt, and overcome any new trends in development.

My interests include most mediums of storytelling including animation, film, and video games. In my spare time I like to read graphic novels, put together model kits, and bake cookies and pastries.


The Archives

HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Postgresql

  • Implemented Devise to let users securely log in/sign up, and restricts content creation to existing users
  • Carrierwave Gem allows users to upload pictures for all user-created content
  • Specified users (administrators) can delete content if it does not conform to the site’s rules.
Github | Heroku

A community web application that lets users contribute to an overarching fantasy universe with their own created content

Teacher's Assistant

Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Sendgrid API, Carrierwave

  • Uses gems and Postgresql to keep track of students’ grades and averages
  • Uses the Sendgrid API to send actual emails to parents to alert them of any situations
Github | Heroku

Application that expedites communication between students and teachers by keeping track of grades, and sending a status email with the click of a button by the teacher, to the parent.








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